Is Technology Sabotaging Your GPA?

So your grade calculator  tells you that your grades are not looking so good….. what is to blame, perhaps it is not what you think.

Driven To Distraction

While technology can be useful, many of us use the internet, our phones and other devices to distract us when we need to work. As all college students know, sometimes the biggest hurdle faced when sitting down to write a paper is right in front of them: their laptop.

Constant web browsing, texting and gaming could destroy your concentration levels and make it difficult to focus on one thing at a time. Use focus-saving apps to block potential distractions and switch your smartphone off while you study- you could come out with a better grade.

Rogue Referencing

Free information is certainly a great thing, but the widespread availability of information has led to many students snapping up facts without citing properly. Surveys have shown that there are plenty of students out there taking information from websites without proper referencing, leading to accusations of plagiarism and tons of hard work for professors trying to figure out whether a student is intentionally cheating.

If you do use the internet as a research source, be sure to check the credibility of the website before accepting the information given as fact. If everything seems to be correct, make sure you cite your sources carefully to avoid being accused of cheating.

Speed Spelling

The prevalence of texting and chatting online means that some college students struggle to write slowly and carefully when turning in work. Shorthand terms used online and on your phone can easily make their way into essays without you realizing it, and proper grammar and punctuation can fall by the wayside.

Try to be aware of the differences in your writing style when you’re using your phone or laptop, and make sure that you proofread your work carefully before turning it in to ensure that your style fits its purpose.

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