Should You Buy An eReader?

For some students on a tight budget, an eReader can seem like something of an extravagance. Why waste money on technology when there are tons of books available for free in your college library, right? An eReader can actually be a useful investment, and might work out cheaper in the long run than the alternative.

Low Cost

Many eReaders are less expensive then you may have thought. Many of the top eReaders on the market come in at under $150, far less than a tablet, and you can get some serious mileage out of them if you spend a decent amount of time reading.

Long Term Savings

When you factor the cost of textbooks and college reading materials into your budget, it can come as a bit of a shock. These books can really add up, so finding a way to cut the overall costs of textbooks is important when it comes to saving money at college. If you buy your books digitally online for your eReader, you could slash the price of your textbooks in half. There are thousands of titles available, searching for the book you need is quick and easy and the prices are consistently lower than their paperback or hardback counterparts.

The savings are dependent on your major and the amount of reading required- obviously, if your course is more reading-intensive then you could save far more, so do some calculations and work out whether your book purchases could end up paying for the e-Reader itself in the long run.


One of the primary perks of using an eReader is the weight it’ll take off your back. Textbooks can be extremely heavy, so condensing all of your reading material into one ultra-light device could save you tons of energy. The convenience of an eReader also means that you’ll be able to pick up any book you feel like at any moment, allowing you to read over lunch or in breaks, which could boost your brainpower.

Note Taking

If you’re constantly taking textbooks out of the library, you hopefully avoid highlighting and taking notes in the margins. With an Ereader, you can make notes and highlight useful sections whenever you want without doing long term damage to a book- so your reading will be more productive and your overall study skills could improve.

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