Technology On A Budget

With new gadgets and technological advances coming thick and fast these days, it can be hard to keep up. This is especially true when you’re a student with tons of loans and not much of a budget to work with. Luckily, there are companies out there who’ve noticed that even those of us with less cash to hand want to get in on the latest tech trends, so there are some great affordable options out there. Learn to shop smart for your technology and you’ll easily be able to stay up to date without going broke.

Minimise Your Laptop

Think you need a big screen, super-powered laptop to get through college? Think again. There are plenty of great netbooks out there that will offer you great power, plenty of connectivity and top speeds at a far lower price than a traditional laptop. Check out some Chromebooks– you may find something that will do everything you need from a laptop without the big expense.

Get A Budget Tablet

Desperate to get in on the tablet trend but can’t afford to splash out on an iPad? There are alternatives that will do many of the same tricks that an iPad can without the hefty price tag. The Google Nexus line has some great budget options- and a tablet could include an eReader app built in for one price, saving you money on textbooks and course reading material.

Downsize Your Smartphone

Paying a fortune on cellphone bills? Once your contract ends, why not downgrade to a mid-range phone that will cover most of the features you actually use without breaking the bank? “Mini” versions of flagship phones can be a great place to start- the popular Samsung Galaxy range do a more affordable “mini” line that could suit your needs perfectly.

Play The Student Card

When you’re at college, you should never forget to take advantage of student discounts whenever you can. Apple often run special deals for students, and you can also get special student discounts from Sony and Microsoft. Check before you buy to ensure you don’t miss out on some savings.

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