The Best Android And iOS Apps For Students

Your phone can be an amazing thing, and not just for getting through nine hours straight of Candy Crush. There are tons of apps out there that could improve your college experience, from study aids to organisation tools. There are some of the best apps for you to download today.


Evernote is an amazing cross-platform software tool that will revolutionize the way you take notes. You can snap a photo of your notes on paper, or the notes of a classmate, and digitize all of the information. The app then organizes all of your notes chronologically and by subject, making studying for that test easier than ever. Evernote is available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phones.


If you’re struggling to stay on top of your schedule and daily tasks, Wunderlist could help you out. This app has a simple, clear interface that will let you divide up your to do lists, grocery lists and plans, breaking your day down into manageable chunks. You can share lists with friends and family and set reminders to help you stay organized. Wunderlist will sync across different platforms- iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows and the web.


This app will make studying simple. It allows you to make your own digital flashcards, and will sort out the ones you’re finding more difficult once you’ve got the easy ones down. You can even import your notes over from Evernote to StudyBlue to get all your information organized in one place.


Studious gives you an easy way to organize your class schedule, deadlines and notes. Once your class schedule is set on the app, it will also silence your phone during class time to prevent any embarrassing mishaps. Studious is available for Android devices.

Smart Voice Recorder

This app can record up to 75 hours of audio, so if you’re ever struggling to stay awake during class after a long night you can switch the app on and record your lecture to listen to later. Smart Voice Recorder will pause its recording if there’s a period of silence, so it wont waste valuable audio minutes.

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